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Il Imbroglione ∞

Any Day Above Ground is a Good One

I live with:
■ Leuca Raskol ♂ Wi (Dream of Doll) 08 January 2006
■ Nan Yi Lo ♂ NaNuRi 2006 (Luts) 14 August 2006
■ Kaiser Anthaniel Loch ♂ Tony (Volks) 22 September 2006
■ Maestro ♂ F-16 (Volks) 18 October 2007
■ Rolfe Marty Kiel ♂ K (ElfDoll) 08 November 2008
■ Youzen Haoto ♂ Ize (SoulDoll) 01 July 2010
■ Vocal ♂ Kiss (Dolkot) 19 January 2011
■ عمار كمال سليمان رضوي‎ ♂ Lion (Iplehouse) 16 February 2012
■ Grielda Zsuzsu ♀ Anne (Iplehouse) 13 July 2013
■ Iskil Klouze ♂ Kien (DollClans) 20 March 2014
■ Hugo Nikolaus Kvale ♂ Piccolo (Volks) 15 October 2014
■ Dragomir Illarionovich Mihailov ♂ Puff (Volks) 05 December 2014
■ Rex ♂ IM Hound (Dollshe) 24 January 2015
■ Ju Cai Lao ♂ Aleksander (Little Rebel) 07 July 2016
■ ??? ♂ Kiriko (Volks) 26 September 2016

■ Sirius Talbone ♂ Igon (Gomidoll) 25 January 2008

w. claireux "that horrible sweary person"
from the beginning BJDs; film studies; organized crime; pokemon; political science; stand-up comedy
and so andy mckee; antique beats; bond; chromeo; elvis costello; franz ferdinand; goldfish; infected mushroom; jack johnson; la roux; like trains & taxis; maroon 5; modest mouse; muse; nine inch nails; parov stelar; pendulum; powerman 5000; richard cheese; stars; tally hall; the strokes; the temper trap; vv brown; wired all wrong; yann tiersen
continuing on 12 angry men; 2001: a space odyssey; 28 days later; a bronx tale; amélie; attack the gas station; the big lebowski body of lies; breathless; children of men; chinatown; clerks; donnie darko; double indemnity; dumplings; duplex; fanny and alexander; goodfellas; good will hunting; grand illusion; harold and maude; hot fuzz; i am a fugitive from a chain gang; ikiru; it's a wonderful life; l.a. confidential; le doulos; life is beautiful; madeo; man on wire; memento; mildred pierce; no country for old men; north by northwest; on the waterfront; pather panchali; poetry; pleasantville; pulp fiction; saw; shutter; silent hill; sink or swim; snatch; stranger than paradise; straw dogs; taxi driver; the 400 blows; the big lebowski; the departed; the gold rush; the graduate; the lady from shanghai; the royal tenenbaums; the sacrifice; the secret in their eyes; the seventh seal; the shawshank redemption; the usual suspects; three colors: white; trainspotting; up; vertigo
however black adder; chappelle's show; it's always sunny in philadelphia; metalocalypse; misfits; moral orel; south park
in which l.a. noire; no more heroes; penumbra; pokemon
but then "freedom is secured not by the fulfilling of one's desires, but by the removal of desire." -epictetus
to the end "as soon as a cartoonist says to himself, "this is good enough," she falls into the depths of hell. for this reason, i am on guard at all times, goading myself to do better. it is not up to me but to the reader to decide whether my work is good or bad. my job is to do my best." -sang-sun park
one more thing "you'll never be happy with all the golden riches in the world if you're not happy with who you are and what you're doing." -jim mckeon